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Porchlight Studios is a professional recording studio located in Ranelagh, Dublin 6, featuring the best of both analog and modern digital tools. Music is our passion, and we focus on making a big sound in an intimate setting.
  • One option is to go Digital, we use Logic Pro. 

  • The second option if you are feeling confident is to use the 8 track studer tape machine we have. 

  • Running the show at Porchlight Studios is a fully analog Midas Sienna 42 channel mixing console.

  • With parameterc EQ, warm analog pre amps and 16 auxiliary sends, this desk is designed to handle most scenarios.

  • We have a large collection of microphones from dynamics to ribbons. 

  • Industry standard microphones likeNeumann, AKG 414's, Sennheiser 421, Shure 57, SE and Octava. 

  • SPL gold mic x 2, SPL Channel One and TLAudio comprise of our pre amp collection.

  • Lexicon Reverb, DBX 160A compression and J48 DI boxes make up our outboard gear. 

  • One Pair of Tannoy active reveal speakers.

  • One Pair of Yamaha NS10 speakers. 

  • Various guitars, bass guitars, banjo, Ukele, dulcimer, yamaha organs, various drum kits, keyboards and an out of tune piano. 

  • We have various percussion pieces, a lot of snare drums including an LM 400 from 1959, bass amps, guitar amps, FX pedals for guitar and enough random pieces to keep most musicians happy. 

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